Paul artspace Residency

Residency at Paul Artspace in St. Louis, 10/15-11/30/16

I’m joining images of my older work with those made more recently.
The archival prints ( i’m holding one) always show the older image
as the left panel. The right panel always a more recently made image;
even if the right panel is a painting from say, 10, 20 years ago.
These below, in progress, retain a dimensional quality.
The left panel continues to be an older image made years ago,
but now the right panel is one always made in present studio time.
The form makes reference to that of a book, or tablet, which holds
information. With this work the information becomes autobiographical

my garage studio

The Epson 2200 (2003) still holding up !

(1976 / 2009), archival print abt. 4"x5", 2016

(1978/ 1980's), archival print abt. 4"x5", 2016