CSPS HALL, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Extended through Sunday, November 3rd

I’ll be here Sunday, Nov 3rd from 1 - 4, stop in and say hello

1103 Third St SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 
Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm • Sunday: Noon-4pm
Phone: (319) 364-1580

These mixed media pieces and archival pigment prints
are diptychs that juxtapose my paintings with earlier work.
Joined, informed and renewed in the present the memoirs
depict a passage of time as well as a glimpse into the
history of my art practice spanning five decades.

Memoir: Passage 4, 1975 detail / 2001 detail
Archival pigment print, 11" x 8.5", edition of 40, 2019
$90, contact studio@kendubin.com

Memoir: Today's Art, 1971 / 2012
Archival pigment print, 11" x 8.5", edition of 35, 2019
$90, contact studio@kendubin.com

Memoir: Jim Shoes, 1967 / 2006 detail
Archival pigment print, 11" x 8.5", edition of 40, 2018
$90, contact studio@kendubin.com

Memoir: Pencil Sharpener, 1967 / 2011
Archival pigment print, 11" x 8.5" edition of 30, 2018
$90, contact studio@kendubin.com

Memoir: Red Ink Jar, 1967 / 1998
Archival pigment print, 11" x 8.5", edition of 40, 2016
$90, contact studio@kendubin.com

Memoir: Release, 1993 detail / 2017
pigment print, acrylic, graphite, paper, 2019

Memoir: Doodle, 1976 / 2017    acrylic, ink, paper, 2019

Prairie Center of the Arts Alumni Invitational

2019 Alumni Invitational Exhibition
August 10 - September 13
 OPENING RECEPTION: August 10, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
1506 SW Washington Sreet, Peoria, IL 309-657-6767

70+ alumni artists

these 3 pieces are in the exhibit

 MEMOIR: Homage to N.A.M.E. Gallery Chicago 1973 / 2017
acrylic, graphite, paper, 10” x 12.5”, 2019

MEMOIR: POST-IT, 1980 / 2017, acrylic, ink, paper, 10” x 12.5”, 2019

MEMOIR: SCRIBBLE, 1976 / 2017 , acrylic, ink, paper, 10” x 12.5”, 2019

Public Space One benefit art auction

Public Space One in Iowa City
benefit art auction,  Jan. 19-27

Auction benefits PS1 future as well as the artists that have donated work !

auction ended

For availability email studio@kendubin.com

$90 each includes shipping
MEMOIR: PASSAGE ONE, 1975 detail / 1997 detail
Edt. of 40. 11" x 8.5", 2016

MEMOIR: PASSAGE TWO, 1993 detail / 2011
Edt. of 40. 11" x 8.5", 2016

Project Art, University of Iowa Hospital

Project Art

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

SEP 18 - DEC 14, 2017  •  Gallery 2, Level 8

Brought Forth / Reclaimed, acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16",  2011


JUNE 1 - July 4
Visit Anomaly Gallery 6/1 - 7/4
and join us at the opening and closing reception
Call (641) 777-8446.      info@anomalygallery.com


"Ken Dubin's abstract paintings and prints come from the hidden hypnotic depths of shape shifting frequencies. Recent layered mostly white abstractions consisting of seemingly therapeutic looping and twisting lines reminds one of bandwidths, vortexes, or even the double helix of D.N.A. This creates surfaces which are humming with a calm consistent energy that are all encompassing and soothing. At times these works are directly paired with fragments of the artist's earlier work such as figures, faces, hands, or even skeletons. This juxtaposition of the new and old manages to overlap and link time and the representational archetypes can be seen as symbolizing captured signals which are seemingly adrift all around us". Brad Covington, Anomaly Gallery

MEMOIR: MERCURY, 1968 / 2017, archival ink jet print, acrylic paint, canvas, 2017

MEMOIR: PASSAGE TWO, 1993 / 2017, Archival ink jet print, acrylic paint, graphite, paper, 2017

MEMOIR: LIFE AND LIVING, 1975 / 2017, archival ink jet print, acrylic paint, graphite, paper, 2017

MEMOIR 1968 / 2001, archival ink jet print, 11" x 8.5", 2016

Dennis Kowalski’s embellished or altered photo and colored pencil pieces exemplify the boundless possibilities of geometric and organic doubling similar to the potentiality seen in the fascinating world of fractal algorithms. Snapshots of public urban gathering areas such as subways, plazas, or places of worship are expanded upon through drawing, and patterns begin to bloom and multiply. The artist begins with an identical pair of photos placed side by side and askew in order to help obscure the original subject matter. Then through the act of drawing the artist continues outward creating something akin to a kaleidoscopic hard edged constructivists pattern or an evolving biological formation, reminiscent of something in the process of mitosis or division. Brad Covington, Anomaly Gallery

Brad Covington, Director (L) and Dennis Kowalski (R)

photos: Brad Covington

Dennis Kowalski (R) visits with a guest (L) at opening

Virginia Center For The Creative Arts, 2017

I'm looking forward to my residency at
Grateful to return to VCCA and beautiful Virginia.  
More to come ....

Sculptureworks Ferguson    DEC 9 - DEC 31, 2016
830 South Florissant RoadFerguson, Missouri 63135
opening reception 12/9/16, 5-8

Paul artspace Residency

Residency at Paul Artspace in St. Louis, 10/15-11/30/16

I’m joining images of my older work with those made more recently.
The archival prints ( i’m holding one) always show the older image
as the left panel. The right panel always a more recently made image;
even if the right panel is a painting from say, 10, 20 years ago.
These below, in progress, retain a dimensional quality.
The left panel continues to be an older image made years ago,
but now the right panel is one always made in present studio time.
The form makes reference to that of a book, or tablet, which holds
information. With this work the information becomes autobiographical

my garage studio

The Epson 2200 (2003) still holding up !

(1976 / 2009), archival print abt. 4"x5", 2016

(1978/ 1980's), archival print abt. 4"x5", 2016