INHERITANCE, Carla Drysdale's new collection of poems

ORIGIN 2011, acrylic paint, graphite on paper, abt .10” x  8”

“Inheritance” by Carla Drysdale wins the Earle Birney Poetry Prize
"The majestic, determined poems in Carla Drysdale’s stunning debut chapbook Inheritance act as a dual lens to art and motherhood. They reflect the thriving childhood of the poet’s sons and also refract their mother’s childhood, demonstrating that what is inherited can both be passed on and reversed. In Drysdale’s poems, the fruit of tenderness is always set inside a rind of candor. She practices a poetics of strength: not only does vigorous language define her poems, but their sheer force of character gives them backbone. Inheritance shines with Drysdale’s craft and passionate intensity." Molly Peacock, Author of Cornucopia and The Second Blush